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Project Overview

The Sawmill Parkway Extension will construct 5 1/2 miles of 4-lane divided roadway between Hyatts Road and Section Line Road near the City of Delaware, Ohio. Phases A-F includes a 4 1/2 miles section of new road between Hyatts Road and US 42 with 4 new roundabouts at Clark Shaw Road, Bean Oller Road, Ford Road and Bunty Station Road as well as a signalized intersection at US 42, scheduled for construction in 2015-16. Phase G includes the remaining 1 mile section west to Section Line Road, which is still under development.


***NEW*** July 20, 2015: A groundbreaking ceremony will be held Thursday, July 23, 2015 at 1:30 pm at the intersection of Sawmill Parkway and Hyatts Road. Parking and shuttle service will be provided at Liberty Tree Elementary, located about mile south on Sawmill Parkway. The public is invited to attend the ceremony (rain or shine).

Project Update

***NEW*** July 20, 2015: The construction contract for Sawmill Parkway Phases A-F (from Hyatts Road to US 42) was awarded to Trucco Construction for $30.4 million, 20% below the estimated construction cost. Construction of Sawmill Parkway from Hyatts Road to about 1600 feet north of US 42 will begin later in July 2015 and will be completed in October 2016.

Please contact Robert Riley, Chief Deputy Engineer or Ryan Mraz, Deputy Design Engineer, at the County Engineer's Office with any questions or comments about the project.

Sawmill Parkway Extension Plan
Vision Statement

The Sawmill Parkway Extension Plan will be developed by the Delaware County Engineer's Office with careful consideration of the needs and desires of the community to best meet the long-range mobility needs of the region. Guided by the community's involvement, the Plan will allow for future construction of a roadway improvement and its necessary rights-of-way. The plan will be responsive to the existing and future land use needs of the community and be sensitive to the priorities and goals of the various stakeholders in the Sawmill Parkway Extension Plan.

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